bauku extrusion technology
the original since 1956

The   profilline   p-series   extrusion   line   is   designed   for   a   highly   flexible production. We offer two different types:

 profilline p-3000: diameter range DN 300 to DN 3000

 profilline p-4000: diameter range DN 800 to DN 4000

The  extrusion  lines  can be equipped with one, two or three winding stations to  increase  the  efficiency  and  production  capacity  of  the  machinery. Each winding  station  is  able  to  handle  all  sizes  of mandrels within the designed diameter  range.  This technology is also ideal for small quantities of one order (one pipe size and profile), as you can produce different diameters and profiles on  each  winding  station,  one  after  another.  A solid wall pipe on station 1, a profile  pipe  with  outside  ribs  on  station  2  and  a  profile  pipe with smooth inside  and outside surface but an inner profile on station 3? No problem at all.

High ring stiffness profile pipes

To increase the stiffness of the pipes and at the same time to minimize the weight of the product, a structured wall pipe is the first choice. The typical profile for a pipe has a smooth inside and a profiled outside wall (picture left side). The typical profile for a manhole or a bend has a smooth inside and outside surface and an inner profile (picture rights side).

The first extruded layer of the pipe is always a solid wall profile, followed with a second layer of a hollow round chamber. The round profile is formed with a core tube (see c-series machinery), which is surrounded with PE100 or modern PP inside the extruder die head. If a manhole shaft is produced, a third layer will add another solid wall profile.

PE100 and modern PP are corrosion resistant, flexible, and certified for drinking water and can be recycled by 100 %. 

diameter range DN 300 to DN 4000

pipe length 1,5 m to 6 m

stiffness values SN 2 to SN 75

output capacity up to 1.450 kg/h

resin: modern PP or PE100